Autumn Programme – 2014


Autumn 2014










         9th Pow Wow/Games/Photos Camp equipment
         16th Scarp book and enrolment Patrols/Unit Guidelines/Patrol ideas/boxes
         23rd Getting to know you games Go For Its/ Quiz YL – AGM
         30th YL night from Pow Wow Go For Its
OCT 7th      

Ben Rhydding Trail

BP Girls
         14th First Aid Badge Xmas Cakes/Soap Making
         21st First Aid Badge Xmas Cakes/Soap Making
         28th Half Term Half Term
NOV 4th Pyrography/Xmas Pud Cooking on Fires

Pyrography/Xmas Pud

Night Walk
         18th   Coffee Evening Coffee Evening
         25th     Games Evening – YL
DEC   2nd       Bake and Xmas craft Cake decorating/Xmas log decoration
         9th   Rosegarth Cake decorating/Xmas log decoration
         16th Xmas Party

Xmas Party – BP and YL

JAN   6th   Start Back

Start Back



11th Sep DISTRICT MEETING All @ Heidi’s
23rd Sep GROUP AGM 7.30 pm All @ HQ
27th Sep County Review All invited
8th October GROUP EXEC 7.45pm Heidi/Katy @ HQ
1st October Leader’s meeting 8.00pm All at HQ
4th Oct Division Air and Share All at new HQ
17-19th Oct Guides Hag Dyke
9th Nov Remembrance Day Parade All


Eshton Grange March 2013



We took 42 Guides with us and filled both buildings to capacity.

was kind to us and we managed to get out for a walk on the Saturday to invade the

local sweet shop in Gargrave, enrolling the new Guides on the way back.

The BP girls organise  a sports activity and a Eshton’s Got Talent on the Saturday Guides loved

visiting the animals including Alpacas, pigs, chickens, rabbits and guinea pigs.

A fabulous weekend enjoyed by Guides and Leaders alike.